DDF Discoloration Reversal MoisturizerLate last year, my friends started to remark about how fabulous my skin looked. I quickly dismissed the first few compliments, thinking my pals were just being kind. But the flattery just kept coming and I started to wonder what all the fuss was about. Then one morning, I looked in the mirror and finally saw what everyone else was seeing. The dark marks around my jawline that have plagued me for years were almost gone – and my complexion was positively radiant. That’s when it all clicked…and my new moisturizer instantly achieved holy grail status.

DDF Discoloration Reversal Moisturizer promises to “effectively hydrate skin during the nighttime sleep cycle to help reduce the appearance of melanin build up, and help to achieve younger looking skin.” And boy does it ever. I’ve struggled with hyperpigmentation since puberty and have tested a ridiculous amount of products to minimize my the dark marks that acne and other blemishes have left in their wake. I’ve had good results with a handful of those products, but nothing comes close to the transformation I’ve witnessed with DDF Discoloration Reversal Moisturizer.

Not only did it practically obliterate my dark marks, it evened out my entire skin tone and imparted a glow that – up until now – I’ve only been able to achieve with makeup. What a welcome surprise! And the funny thing is that even though you’re supposed to use it twice a day, I only use it in the morning (I didn’t read the directions when DDF first sent me a bottle to review) and my friends noticed an improvement in my skin after just two weeks of using the product. Just imagine how quick you could see results if you actually use as directed!

Another thing that I love about DDF Discoloration Reversal Moisturizer is the consistency of the product. In the winter, my skin gets really dry and requires a substantial moisturizer. If the lotion is too thick, my face looks greasy/oily – but if it’s not thick enough, by mid-day it’s flake city. DDF Discoloration Reversal Moisturizer is the ideal weight…I put it on and it perfectly hydrates my skin all the live long day.

I really can’t say enough fabulous things about this product. I would recommend it for anyone who, like me, has battled hyperpigmentation and never completely prevailed. Even if you just want to even out your skin tone and be more confident without makeup, THIS is the product to do it.
The product’s only con really has nothing to do with the product, per se…it’s about the packaging. The bottle is opaque silver, so it’s hard to assess how much moisturizer you’ve used and how much is left. I found that out the hard way when I started pressed down on the pump this morning and hardly anything came out…which sent me into a panic. Now I’m like an addict in need of a fix. First order of business tomorrow will be to replenish my supply .

DDF Discoloration Reversal Moisturizer is $63. Go get you a bottle…this is an addiction that I wholeheartedly endorse.

2 Comments on DDF Discoloration Reversal Moisturizer

  1. leslie
    February 17, 2013 at 9:00 PM (5 years ago)

    Love love this product!!! Just got my mine at Beautysak.com with some other great DDF products

  2. Sue
    April 6, 2013 at 8:07 AM (5 years ago)

    Great product – I have such uneven skin.
    This really helps.