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For years, I have used an oversized wide-tooth comb to detangle my notoriously impossible to detangle post-shampoo hair. The amount of hair that would get caught in the teeth was somewhat alarming. But I chalked it up to the fact that I only wash my hair once a week – so maybe the hair loss really wasn’t all that bad. Detangling with the comb also took a long time and was kind of painful.

So when I heard about The Wet Brush, I contacted the company and requested a sample for review. They gladly sent me one – and, girls, I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s changed my life.

The first time I used it (which was a month ago), I was shocked. While it looks like an ordinary hairbrush, its bristles slip and slide through hair with ease – untangling even the most matted mess. Starting at the ends, I brushed my way up and was floored that the entire detangling process took half the time it usually does. And it was completely painless. Not to mention the amount of hair left in the brush was like one-tenth the size of the hairball that my wide tooth comb used to rip out of my head. Huzzah!

The only downside to this ingenious creation is that it has a plastic-y smell that lingers for a few weeks. It’s not pleasant, but it does wear off. And given how well The Wet Brush performs, you’ll get over it.

Whether you have long or short hair, this brush is a must-have. And if you have a child whose hair is hard to detangle, there’s absolutely no question…you NEED one or more of these in your house. After the first time I used The Wet Brush, I posted a mini-review on my Instagram and Facebook accounts and my mom was all, “get me one.” So the next time I went to Target (they sell them there), I picked her up one of her own.

Bottom line: The Wet Brush deserves “holy grail” status. As someone who is on a continuous mission to “grow my hair out,” I cannot believe I have been needlessly ripping hair out of my scalp when this product exists. The Wet Brush comes in a variety of sizes and colors/patterns. There’s even a pet version for “lap dogs and wannabe lap dogs.” Oh…and it’s less than $15 (most are less than $10)!

Get yours today at Target and Ulta.

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