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Hello Spoiled Pretty readers.  I am thrilled to be a contributing writer for SP!  I’ve been looking for a hobby and thought “why don’t I funnel my interests to one place?”  I hope that you enjoy my suggestions as we go through the journey of my new hobby together.

First and foremost – I absolutely LOVE Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics products.  My first experience in one of their stores dates back 5ish years.  My mother, sister and I were on our way home from a Yankees game (a tradition of ours), and we had some time to kill before getting to our train.  We were on 14th Street walking away from Union Square when an adorable young man coaxed us into the shop promising us free facials and hand treatments.  The scent that was pouring out of the door and into the New York City air was intoxicating.  It was sweet and delicious – so we decided to indulge ourselves…


lush buffy shower scrubI remember thinking as I washed my hands with “Buffy” how happy I felt. And I thought, “Wow, this stuff really is awesome – this guy isn’t as full of it as I thought he could be!”  Buffy is an exfoliating bar made with crushed brown rice, almonds and beans.  And because it has Shea and cocoa butter – you don’t need to add moisturizer.  The scent reminded me of the beach and the coziness of an over sized sweater.


lush the olive branch shower gel

I was also introduced to Olive Branch Shower Gel that day.  I have never been to Italy (I hope to go one day) but the scent brings my mind to imagine it’s how an olive farm smells on a warm sunny day (who knows, I may go to an olive farm one day and smell nothing but dirt and manure – but until then…).  With this shower gel it is important to note the directions to shake the bottle first, because of the natural oils used to make it, they will rise to the top of the bottle.  The directions say “to shake (the gel, not your body)”, but what’s wrong with a little tush shake to get your day going?

Since that trip to NYC, both Buffy and the Olive Branch Shower Gel have been staples in my shower.  And thankfully, my new husband is observant enough to stock me up just before I run out.

Fellow Lush lovers: what are your must-have products? Tell me in the comments!


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