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A few weeks ago, I paid a visit to my local Bath & Body Works store. I was on the hunt for a tropical-smelling body wash that wouldn’t break the bank, and B&BW seemed like a good place to search. When I entered the store, I was greeted my a really nice saleswoman who asked me what I was looking for. I told her I was looking for something coconutty and she recommended their new Cool Coconut Surf Shower Gel. Typically, a bottle would set you back $12.50, but since it’s new, it was only $6. It smelled good and I almost bought it…that is, until I found a bottle of Coconut Water Chill Shower Gel in the clearance bin marked down to $2.75. I liked the scent a little better and the price couldn’t be beat.

bath and body works mango chill body lotionI figured a tropical scented body wash deserved a matching lotion, so I also picked up a bottle of White Mango Chill Body Lotion – also for $2.75!

bath and body works cooling gel lotion cool coconut surf

I was saving so much money that I walked one final lap around the store to see what else I could see. Finally, I decided to try their new Cooling Gel Lotion – in Cool Coconut Surf. Again, it’s new, so it was only $6. The product is billed as an “ultra-refreshing formula that provides an irresistible cooling sensation while conditioning Aloe, nourishing Vitamin E and soothing Cucumber Extract keep skin super soft and extremely touchable.”

After testing these products, here’s my take:

The Coconut Water Chill Shower Gel and White Mango Chill Body Lotion were well worth the money I spent. The shower gel smells like tropical, just like I wanted, and the formula lathers up fantastically. The fragrance lingers, without being overpowering. Likewise, the body lotion smells like a beach vacation and moisturizes very well.

The Cooling Gel was another thing completely. It really shouldn’t have the word “lotion” in the name because there is nothing moisturizing about this product. There is a cooling sensation when you apply it, but nothing that will knock your socks off. And it does make you smell nice. But it doesn’t hydrate like at all. I put it on before running some errands and I was embarrassed by how dry my skin looked. My arms and legs weren’t that bad, but my knees and feet were straight up desiccated and ashy looking.

If I had paid $12.50 for this, I would’ve taken it back to the store for a refund. But since it was $6 and I got such a deal on the other products, I figured I broke even. I even thought of other uses for the Cooling Gel “Lotion” and I couldn’t think of any. So I guess it’s going in the trash.

Bottom line: if you visit your local Bath & Body Works or shop online, steer clear of the Cooling Gel Lotions and pick up a bottle of their real body lotions.

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