cnd vinylux nail polishMy mom has been raving about CND Vinylux for months – so I had to see what all her fuss was about. I’m not a patient person, so when I paint my own nails, it looks terrible – the polish ends up all over my cuticles and is applied in the most uneven fashion. Then because I don’t have a fancy dryer, they get messed up even more. But since my husband and I decided to cut out “wants” vs. “needs” (we are saving for our first home), I decided that I have to start doing my own nails and requested a sample of CND Vinylux to try.

My typical go-to colors are very neutral, so I decided to go for it even further by requesting brighter colors. I selected: Wildfire, Pink Bikini and Powder My Nose. I trimmed my nails, filed them and buffed them as best as I could. I then applied 2 coats of “Wildfire” and then the top coat – no base coat was required. In about 10 minutes my nails were completely dry!  And in the couple of areas where the polish got on my cuticles, I was able to peel it right off.  


CND Vinylux Wildfire
CND Vinylux in Wildfire


Wildfire is a vibrant shade of red…and a week (and many showers and dish washings) later, the color was just as vibrant as when I painted them. And only because my nails grew, I had to take it off and try my next color Pink Bikini. I’m amazed that it didn’t chip, especially because I go to Boot Camp twice a week and am really rough with my hands. In the online description of CND Vinylux, it says that when natural light is exposed to your nails, it activates their ProLight Technology™ to make it more durable. And it’s true! Even when I get a spa manicure, my polish chips within two days.


CND Vinylux Pink Bikini
CND Vinylux in Pink Bikini
CND Vinylux Powder My Nose
CND Vinylux in Powder My Nose

I would compare this polish to a gel manicure but without having to expose your hands to UV-ray lights and without having to have it professionally removed. All you need is a few cotton balls and nail polish remover!


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