Yes to Coconut Lemongrass Liquid Hand SoapAfter an excruciatingly long winter, I cannot wait for the mercury to start rising. Sunning myself on a beach while sipping a pina colada is my daydream du jour, but unlikely of coming true anytime soon. So until then, I’ve been taking imaginary tropical timeouts courtesy of my hand soap.

Yes to Coconut Lemongrass Liquid Hand Soap smells heavenly, lathers richly, and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth – and clean, obviously! And you can also feel good about choosing this soap because it’s 97% natural, petroleum, SLS, & paraben free, cruelty-free and free of artificial color. 

As someone who gravitates to toward coconut-scented bath and body products, I can tell you that this product is different that the countless coconut soaps on the market. What elevates it is the crisp freshness of the lemongrass…it gives the soap a certain sophistication that sets it apart. And it costs around $3.50 and looks cute sitting on your bathroom vanity. Does it get better than that, folks?

If coconut isn’t your thang, there are three other fragrances: Yes to Cucumber Eucalyptus Liquid Hand Soap, Yes to Grapefruit Basil Liquid Hand Soap and Yes to Blueberry Shea Liquid Hand Soap.


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