Nails Inc. Montpelier Walk NailKale Nail PolishBehold…I have finally discovered my perfect nude nail polish: Nails Inc. Montpelier Walk NailKale Polish. I recognize that it cost double what many people would typically spend on a bottle of nail polish, but hear me out.

nails inc nailkaleNailKale polish isn’t just color for your nails; it’s also a treatment. The formula is supercharged with kale extract, known for its high levels of Vitamins A, C and K which stimulate keratin production while hydrating and nourishing the nails.

Nails Inc. Montpelier Walk - No Flash

Nails Inc. Montpelier Walk - Flash

The polish went on smoothly and evenly, and I was pleasantly surprised by the coverage. It’s very pigmented – so if you’re in a rush, you may be able to get away with one coat. Like all of the other Nails Inc. polishes I’ve tried, this one was so ridiculously shiny that it was top-coat optional. It also dried fairly quickly. It’s now 8 days post-polish and my nails still look really good. The polish hasn’t chipped at all and the only telltale sign that my mani isn’t fresh is the growth space at the base of my nails. Most of all, I adore this color. To my eye, it looks like toffee with a touch of gray. I usually gravitate to darker or edgy shades. But Montpelier Walk – while neutral – looks so cool to me.


Nails Inc. also sent me their new Globe Walk Snow Globe Nail Polish. Here’s the premise behind their latest innovation:

“Shimmering glitter settles at the bottom of the bottle like your favourite childhood snow globe and when shaken, transforms into a beautiful gold glitter nail polish…For an ultra-glitzy look, shake the bottle rapidly. For a subtle hint of sparkle, shake the bottle lightly to activate just a small amount of glitter.”

I was so happy with my Montpelier Walk mani that I didn’t want to mess with success. But I also wanted to review the Globe Walk, so I just tested it on my pinky nails. I wish I hadn’t. I get where they were going with the ‘shake for your desired level of glitter,’ but it didn’t execute well. I wanted serious sparkle, but no matter how hard I shook, the brush didn’t lay down enough glitter. I even tried applying in layers, but that didn’t work because the clear polish that the glitter floats in is super thin – and it actually ended up running over the nail and pooling all around my cuticle and the sides of my nail. I used an orange stick to clean it up as best I could, but it was a pain. Honestly, a drugstore glitter polish would have delivered better results.

Bottom line: Run to get a bottle of Montpelier Walk. Skip the Snow Globe.


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