AVEENO SKIN RELIEF GENTLE SCENT BODY WASH AND LOTIONWhile I’m prone to eczema during the winter months, the rest of the year I’m luckily flare-up free. But this past summer, my skin was an irritated itchy mess – so I knew something not good was up and I’d be wise to see a dermatologist. The doctor’s orders were short and sweet.

#1) Take warm (not hot) baths and showers.

Okay…I can do that.

#2) Only use fragrance-free body products.

That’s easy too. Um…wait…hold up. What?!?!?


For a beauty girl like me, this was a jagged little pill to swallow. But I did as I was told and my skin thanked me in a big way. The rashes slowly disappeared and my old skin re-emerged. But do you realize how utterly boring bathing and moisturizing is sans scent? Not to mention…sometimes, like after a serious workout, you need a little fragrance to neutralize the funk.

So for months, I sucked it up – sudsing up and slathering on products with absolutely no fragrance. That is until Aveeno answered my prayers and launched their new Skin Relief Gentle Scent Collection, which the brand generously sent me for review. The dermatologist approved, allergy-tested formulas are clinically shown to be as gentle on sensitive skin as fragrance-free alternatives.

The creamy, lightly-scented body wash and lotion soothe and moisturize my itchy, dry and sensitive skin – without irritation. Plus the light coconut scent (there’s also a Soothing Oat and Chamomile) gave me my beauty girl mojo back. These products are the best of both worlds and I highly recommend them to any of you who have been forced to go fragrance-free.


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