In late January, IT Cosmetics invited me to attend their first QVC show with a studio audience. Sitting in the VIP section, I got a behind-the-scenes look at the crazy technical choreography it takes to produce a 2-hour live show.

Me with IT Cosmetics founder Jamie Kern-Lima

At the end, the brand gifted all of the audience members with a goody bag filled with their new Confidence in a Cream moisturizer – and their Superhero Mascara (review coming soon).

Confidence in a Cream is a life changer and a skin saver. I’ve been using it every day since the QVC show and it has improved my skin tenfold. Before I swapped it into my routine, my face was a desiccated mess. It was so flaky that, in certain spots, it looked like my facial skin had dandruff. I would have to slather on a heavy moisturizer (I had been using Cetaphil Cream) just to look like my skin wasn’t peeling off. 

After just a few days of using IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream, I noticed the flakiness was dissipating. And after a week, there were no flakes to speak of. The weight/consistency of the cream is perfect for me: heavy enough to be deeply hydrating and comforting, but not so heavy that it sits on my skin or causes me to get oily. I’ve also noticed that my complexion looks more radiant since I started using it. The scent is my other favorite thing about this product. It’s lemongrass-y and reminds me of something an esthetician would apply to your skin at the spa.


Right now, my skincare routine has 3 parts. First, I cleanse with either Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash or First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. Then, I use First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance Pads (I swear by these for exfoliating and toning). Finally, I apply the Confidence in a Cream.



IT Cosmetics spent 7 years developing the formula for Confidence in a Cream. Taking their time certainly paid off. The only thing that worries me is that I think this formula will be a little too heavy for my combo skin in the summer. So I’m hoping that a lighter version is in the works (and hopefully won’t take 7 years).

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