Month: August 2016

Get Organized With Mochithings

If you’re life is constantly cluttered and you’re looking for some fun tools to help you get your act together, get ready to bookmark this site:

I first discovered the site on Pinterest, then proceeded to get lost on their website – which is chock-full of the cutest organizers, planners, wallets, travel accessories and other ingenious doohickeys.

For my first purchase, I bought this Colorful Mini Card Book v2 (on sale for $16.76). I have too many rewards cards and other plastic nonsense that would float freely at the bottom of my purse. My important plastic goes in my purse, but these other cards never truly had a home – until now. The Mini Card Book contains a total of 30 PVC pockets (it’s almost like those photo holders wallets used to have before smartphones came along). Anyway, this brilliant item holds your business/credit/rewards cards, has 3 separators to help you organize the contents, and there’s a strong band on the outside that keeps the book securely closed.


After receiving the Mini Card Book and loving it, I decided to buy the All-in-One Leather Clutch v3 (on sale for $69.56). I’d been eyeing for a while. I had been looking for a wallet that would keep me organized while also indulging my hoarding tendencies. It has 1 main card pocket, 2 money sleeves, 1 hidden pocket, 2 multi pockets, 10 card pockets, 1 zippered mesh pocket, 1 receipt pocket and a key ring. It also has enough room to fit my iPhone 6 when I use the wallet wristlet-style (I also bought the matching strap, sold separately). The only thing I wish is that this wallet came in more colors. I snagged the red, but I would have loved a gray or taupe-y color.

I double dog dare you to go on and NOT find something that you need/want. Let me save you the trouble. It’s impossible.

If you fail the aforementioned challenge and find something that you desperately need in your life, I have great news. Right now, mochithings is having a Back to School Sale. Everything is 20% off and if you spend $75+, shipping is free.

If you get something, please share in the comments below!


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Tory Burch Fleming Convertible Shoulder Bag

I just bought this beautiful Tory Burch handbag and couldn’t wait to share with you. Last weekend, I was in Nordstrom where I saw it in person and it was love at first sight.

It’s the perfect size – roomy enough so that I don’t have to significantly downsize to fit my junk inside but not so cavernous that the interior becomes a black hole. The leather is buttery soft, the stitching is exquisite and the color (it’s called Norwood) is DIVINE! I love that the convertible chain strap lets you wear the bag as a crossbody or as a shoulder bag (with the chain doubled up). And the cherry on top is the tassel. I mean, tassels are like glitter – they make everything better, right?



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Cloth Diapers: Fact vs. Fiction

As many of you know, I am the proud mom of two amazing children. Westley just turned 6 this week and Arwen is 2. As they get older, I naturally start to consider things I could have done differently – and one thing I often think about is cloth diapering.

When I was pregnant with Westley, I quickly decided that cloth diapering was just too complicated for my lifestyle – so I used disposable diapers with him. When Arwen was born, I made the same decision. And even though Huggies (my preference for Westley) and Luvs (my preference for Arwen) have performed well for us, I wince every time I think of my kids’ used diapers piling up in a landfill somewhere.

Honestly, I never considered cloth diapers an option for my family because I never did the research. I just assumed they were messy, leaky and too much work for me to handle. But what I’ve come to realize – thanks to the Internet and some friends/fellow mamas – is that cloth diapers have evolved so much from what I thought they were. Had I done a little homework, I may have chosen to, at least, try cloth diapers…or used them in tandem with disposables.

So if you’re reading this post because you’re trying to decide, allow me to drop this knowledge on you…

Fiction: Cloth diapers are a hassle.
Fact: Okay, let’s be honest. Disposable diapers are probably the simpler option. But cloth diapers, once you find the right style and learn how to use/clean them, can also be easy. Here’s some great tips to get you started. One of my favorite online destinations,, has a bunch of different cloth diapers, liners, accessories, detergents and more – which makes this option even more convenient; and orders of $49+ ship for free and arrive on your doorstep in 1-2 days!

Fiction: Cloth diapers are a leaky nightmare.  
Fact: I’ve heard that cloth diapers are arguably better at containing messes than disposable diapers – because they’re designed with a more adjustable fit and stronger, thicker elastic at the legs and back. But I’ve also heard that they need to be changed slightly more often than disposables.

Fiction: Cloth diapers are expensive.
Fact: According to Consumer Reports, disposable diapers will set you back at least $2,000 before your kiddo learns how to use the potty. Cloth diapers can cut that cost in half, especially if you wash them yourself. When you buy cloth diapers, you get your money’s worth because they’re yours to keep and reuse over and over again – even with a second child.

Fiction: Cloth diapers have to be folded and require dangerous pins.
Fact: Gone are the days of fold-and-pin diapers. Modern cloth diapers secure with snaps and Velcro. And they come is so many cute colors and patterns.

Arwen is getting ready for potty training, so I missed the boat on this one. But I hope I provided some helpful information for you moms and dads who are trying to decide. And whichever you choose, please know that your goodness as a parent isn’t dictated by what type of diaper you wrap around your baby’s bum.

What kind of diapers do you use on your children? Share your experience/wisdom in the comments below.


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NARS Velvet Lip Glide for Fall 2016

This season, NARS takes lips to a whole new level with the new Velvet Lip Glide.

The new lip color strikes the perfect balance between softness and strength,coverage and comfort in a full range of colors. Laced with NARS’ Oil Infusion Complex, this hybrid lip color combines the fluidity and effortlessness of a gloss with the coverage and comfort of a lipstick. Oil Infusion Complex allows for a smoothglide effect, instantly delivering saturated color with sensorial comfort. The new doe foot applicator offers a plush application delivering effortlessly nourished lips and intense color.

NARS Velvet Lip Glide

Top row shades, left to right: Stripped (beige pink), Unlaced (nude pink), Playpen (pink coral), Bound (rose pink), Danceteria (fuchsia), La Main Bleue (rich berry), Mineshaft (poppy red)

Bottom row shades, left to right: No. 54 (raspberry red), Le Palace (deep cherry red), Unspeakable (garnet), Toy (deep aubergine), Area (rich chestnut), and Deviant (deep burgundy)*

*Deviant is a NARS boutique & exclusive

Velvet Lip Glide will be available September 6 and 7 exclusively on for the VIB & VIB Rouge Preview, September 15 at NARS boutiques &, then October 1 at Sephora, department and specialty stores.


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