kestrel makeupbag I love Kestrel Cosmetic Bags. I discovered them last fall at my local Nordstrom Rack store. There are a bunch of different styles and fabrics, but what I love the most is that they are very high quality at a very low price point. When I first saw them in store, I was instantly drawn to the display. The bargain shopper that I am, I immediately looked at the price tag and did a double take. I expected it to say something like $30, marked down from $50+. So imagine my shock when the price tag said $10. I quickly picked up another bag and checked that price tag to see if a mistake had been made.

Nope…no mistake. Although the design, fabrication and hardware are luxe, Kestrel bags only look like you broke the bank. So I did what any expert shopper would do: I loaded up my cart with variety of styles for holiday gift-giving. Every December, I run into the same problem – I have a ton of friends, co-workers and kids’ teachers to thank, and I can only afford presents that cost about $10 each. But most gifts under $10 are utter crap and you’d rather give nothing at all than give someone a $10 piece of junk. Kestrel bags are the perfect solution to this Christmastime conundrum.

kestrel makeup bagMy gift recipients loved their Kestrel bags, and I was so happy that I didn’t throw away money on crappy presents. And I actually got to keep one because I overestimated how many bags I needed. I’ve taken mine on several trips since then and I can tell you firsthand that they hold a ton, keep me super organized, and the quality has really held up (this is mine below).


Anyway, the reason why I’m telling you all this is that Hautelook is having a Kestrel sale right now. There are about 60 bags in varying sizes, colors/prints and designs – all for less than $15. There are also two makeup brush sets for $20 and $25.

Of course you can check your local Nordstrom Rack store next time you visit – I usually see at least a few Kestrel bags for sale, but you really can’t beat the selection that’s on sale now at Hautelook.

Stock up now. Don’t wait ’til December…you’ll be kicking yourself wishing you’d taken my advice. Happy shopping!

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