What is Spoiled Pretty?

Spoiled Pretty is an award-winning lifestyle website and shining star in the universe of beauty blogs. The site features beauty product reviews, makeup techniques and tricks, industry news, Fashion Week coverage, celebrity interviews, money-saving tips, handbag obsessions, and fabulous giveaways. Spoiled Pretty is the go-to guide to what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s next.

Written in a conversational tone with snarky panache, Spoiled Pretty is like taking a peek into the journal of your fashion and beauty-obsessed BFF – the one who knows which products to stockpile and sidestep; the gal pal who can talk for hours (and who has) about her haute new handbag; and the trend-spotting, deal-finding friend who loves nothing more than to share the deets.


daneen baird spoiled pretty AboutWho is this Daneen character?

Daneen Baird is the founder and editor-in-chief of SpoiledPretty.com, an award-winning style blog and must-read guide to what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s next.

From a very young age, Daneen Baird has been a cosmetics connoisseur. In grade school, Daneen and her Barbie Styling Head were inseparable. In junior high, she convinced her mother to reward good grades with tinted lip balms from the Avon catalog. Daneen remembers fondly the day in high school when she was Colorprinted and purchased her first foundation at the local Prescriptives counter. In college, she worked at the school library to finance her weekly visits to the CVS beauty aisle. And when her purse was stolen in 2003 while backpacking in Europe, the item she missed the most wasn’t her cash, camera or passport. It was a limited-edition MAC cheek/lip stain.

In 2007, Daneen decided to publish her product reviews, so she founded SpoiledPretty.com. Initially, blogging was a way to justify her compulsion for buying cosmetics. But very quickly, Daneen realized that she was providing a valuable service: helping women make informed beauty decisions.

Written in a conversational tone with snarky panache, Spoiled Pretty is like taking a peek into the journal of your fashion and beauty-obsessed BFF – the one who knows which products to stockpile and sidestep; the gal pal who can talk for hours (and who has) about her haute new handbag; and the trend-spotting, deal-finding friend who loves nothing more than to share the deets.

A straight-talking beauty expert, Daneen delivers sassy, scrupulous and side-splitting editorial. Her encyclopedic knowledge of beauty, knack for identifying must-have products, and ability to convince women to stop what they’re doing and purchase a product immediately has earned Daneen a reputation as one of the Internet’s top beauty bloggers.

She has been featured in Glamour, Ladies’ Home Journal, MORE Magazine, New Beauty Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Style Magazine, Vogue Russia, Woman’s World, fashionista.com, ivillage.com, mystyle.com, nymag.com, seventeen.com, style.com, and teenvogue.com. Daneen is a respected resource for Philadelphia media, including KYW-TV (CBS affiliate), WCAU-TV (NBC affiliate), WPVI-TV (ABC affiliate), and Philadelphia Magazine. She has also worked as a brand ambassador for companies such as Aveeno and Elizabeth Arden.

Daneen lives in Philadelphia with her husband and son, Westley. In her spare time (approximately 30 minutes, per week), she enjoys spoiling herself with tabloid magazines, reality television, M&M’s, fine dining and red wine.

Daneen is available for spokesperson opportunities, television segments, webisodes, brand consulting, hosting and more.

Contact Daneen at spoiledpretty@gmail.com.






mario dedivanovic AboutMario Dedivanovic is a celebrity makeup artist and contributes a column to Spoiled Pretty called Makeup Mondays with Mario.

Renowned for his ability to create a flawless face, Mario specializes in subtle transformations, helping women draw out the best version of their natural complexion and features. After a decade of working in the beauty industry, Mario has secured a place among the world’s best and most well-known makeup artists. He has collaborated on countless editorials and red carpet looks for celebrities and his famous clientele includes Kim Kardashian, Natasha Bedingfield, Michelle Williams, Gina Gershon and many others. Mario’s work has graced the pages of countless magazines including BazaarElle,GlamourTeen VogueL’Uomo VogueAllure and People. In addition, Mario is often tapped for his makeup expertise by publications like SeventeenOK!US Weekly and InStyle.

In addition to his immensely popular blog, Mario engages with fans via Twitter. With over 116,000 followers, he is among the most highly followed makeup artists in the world. When he’s not traveling, Mario splits his time between Los Angeles and his hometown of New York City.



alyssa dingwall AboutAlyssa is a contributing writer for Spoiled Pretty who is attracted to all things shiny. Gaining access to Daneen’s beauty supply closet was her dream come true. She delivers honest reviews of a variety of products, and lots of manicure photos. Though currently a resident of Philadelphia, her Connecticut upbringing influences her ideal look: classic, with a fun twist.



angela showell AboutAngela is a contributing writer for Spoiled Pretty. Besides playing with — and then writing about — makeup and nail polish, Ang enjoys high-fiving, sports and playing with her dogs. She is also a frequent runner, though the activity is just a means to justify eating a lot of cake.



aimee harmon AboutAimee is a corporate attorney in Philadelphia. As a former model, she has developed a keen interest in beauty and fashion. In her spare time, you can find her cooking, painting and biking. She lives with her husband and wonderfully spoiled cat.



 AboutJessica Lucente is an accomplished makeup artist with experience in all aspects of makeup including fashion, video and print. Her training and education, along with her affable personality, provides her clients with a dependable, detail-oriented and multi-faceted professional. Jessica’s diverse background and experience creates a unique style accredited only to her and her artistic talent. She has the innate ability to bring out the natural beauty of her subject. Jessica always creates a “flawless on film” look, with her artistry techniques, recreating skin tones on women suffering with skin problems and pigmentation issues, breathtaking shading or coordinating exquisite colors always with the needs, goals and objectives of her client foremost in her presentation. Jessica has an impressive resume and has worked on ladies within the embassy of the Dominican Republic, CNN, the Real Housewives of DC and many other DC socialites and women in high positions of government. In 2013, Jessica was a featured makeup artist in Baltimore magazine for their Best of Baltimore edition. Having rosacea herself, Jessica specializes in doing makeup on women and men suffering from rosacea, psoriasis, exema and acne. Helping people with skin conditions is something near and dear to her heart since she has suffered herself with rosacea since her early twenties. Her other passion is bridal.  She loves the elegance of bridal and being part of someone’s most special day. Jessica is currently a manager/makeup artist for L’Oréal and resides in Baltimore, Maryland.



Dana AboutDana is a contributing writer for Spoiled Pretty who you would find perusing the beauty counters and aisles to help lower her blood pressure when stressed.  Products make her feel good and she likes to try new things.  Dana is a true connector, due to her line of work, and always provides thorough reasons why her friends should try certain products.  This newly-wed lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and her hobbies include: cooking, exercising/being outdoors and spending time with a cup of coffee and InStyle magazine.