Because Shaving is the Pits: DERMAdoctor Gorilla Warfare Antiperspirant Giveaway!

My hair grows like a weed. Unfortunately, the hair of which I speak is not on my head. My legs and underarms give my razor a workout. If I shave in the morning, by afternoon, I've got stubble. And forget about skipping days...unless I want to look like Sasquatch. Getting rid of the hair is not only expensive (I CONTINUE READING

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: BlowPro Perfect Shower Cap

The shower and my chemically-straightened hair are frenemies. Every seventh day when I wash my hair, they get along great in a shampoo Shangri-la. But the rest of the week, I employ a shower cap to keep the steam from undoing the silky straightness. I have been wearing shower caps since I was a child, and I’ve tried them CONTINUE READING

Miss Oops is On Sale at HauteLook

I love Miss Oops fashion fixers and have been using them for years. If you wear clothes, you NEED to get acquainted with Miss Oops. All of those things that can and do go wrong with your wardrobe can be fixed by Miss Oops problem-solving products. Shirt revealing too much cleavage? Accidentally get a deodorant stain on your top? Are your CONTINUE READING

Get Catty With Wildfox Catfarer Sunglasses

I've been searching for some cat eye sunnies for forever. On a whim, I bought these Wildfox Catfarer Sunglasses from Shopbop - hoping that they wouldn't look too cartoonish. Even though I was afraid they'd be too large, I'm digging the oversized frames. They make a statement without overwhelming my face. And the cat eye shape is subtle, so it's not CONTINUE READING

Peep My Polish: Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel in Superstitious

Now that I have two kids - and the youngest being 6 weeks old - I needed to get better acquainted with quick-dry nail polish options. I hardly have time to do anything, let alone a DIY - so I needed to find some lacquers that fit my new lifestyle. Yesterday, while going my grocery shopping, I picked up Revlon CONTINUE READING

Tatcha, I'm So Glad I Gotcha

I'm home on maternity leave, so I spend an inordinate amount of time nursing my daughter, burping her and changing her diapers - all the while, watching hours of QVC. I don't know what it is, but I am mesmerized by QVC demonstrations. If I'm channel surfing and I happen to land on QVC, it's damn near impossible for CONTINUE READING

Fashion Week

MAC First Look: DKNY

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dkny MAC First Look: DKNY
“Really fresh, innocent young girls with naturally rosy lips – a just-been-for-a-walk-in-the-country look.”
Charlotte Tilbury – Key Artist

dkny face MAC First Look: DKNY
MAC Select Moisturecover and Face and Body Foundation were applied to skin in appropriate colours as needed. Ladyblush Blushcreme was tapped high onto the cheekbone and blended out with fingers to create a natural flush.

dkny eyes MAC First Look: DKNY
Lashes were curled at the roots and coated multiple times with MAC PRO Lash Mascara in Black.

dkny lips MAC First Look: DKNY
MAC Lip Pencil in Beet was applied to the lips and sheered out to create a stain.

 MAC First Look: DKNY

MAC First Look: Preen

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preen MAC First Look: Preen
“The look is inspired both by Kurt Cobain and Kim Basinger in the movie, 9 1/2 Weeks; bitten, made-out lips and sultry, sexy eyes.”
James Kaliardos – Key Artist

preen face MAC First Look: Preen
The skin was prepped with MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation, followed by an application of Mineralize Skinfinish Duo to contour the face; the matte powder created a scoop in the cheek and the shimmer powder created a highlighting effect.

preen eyes MAC First Look: Preen
The eye lid was covered with Satin Taupe Eye Shadow, followed by Taupe Eye Shadow in the crease of the eye lid to give a “dirty look.”

preen lips MAC First Look: Preen
Carnal Lipstick, layered with Desire Lipglass was centered on the lips and diffused out into the lip line using MAC Brush 316.

 MAC First Look: Preen

Almost Famous

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fw2+006 Almost FamousI’m famous! Well, not really. Not even a little bit, to be honest. So here’s what had happened…

I was perusing the New York Magazine website, and came across this video of behind-the-scenes beauty at Carmen Marc Valvo’s Fall 2008 show.

Well, at the very end of the video, you can see me in the background, having a convo with Victor C from MAC – I’m the super-short one with a steno pad in my hand (I appear 1:25 into the video).

OMG! Just had to share.

 Almost Famous

Diddy Didn’t Happen

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seanjohn2 Diddy Didn’t HappenLast Friday, I was scheduled to be backstage at Sean John*. I was super excited to be attending the closing show of New York Fashion Week.

I fantasized that Diddy and I would meet, he’d be captivated by my charm, and then whisk me away to the star-studded soiree.

It would play out like that R. Kelly/Jay Z collabo:

After the show it’s the after party and
After the party is the hotel lobby and
After the Belve then it’s probably Cris…

But that didn’t happen. In fact, the closest I got to the Sean John show was a pizzeria on the corner of 22nd Street & 6th Ave. I was grabbing a bite there when I got a call from MAC telling me that there were no female models in the show, and therefore no need for MAC makeup. I was bummed, but also exhausted from my travels; so I caught an early train back to Philly.

So sorry, beauties. I know you were anxious for me to dish the Diddy dirt. C’est la vie.

If you absolutely need a Puffy fix, has an article entitled “Diddy knows pretty,” in which the hip-hop mogul/designer shares his observations on what makes a woman irresistible. Here’s an excerpt:

Why he named his perfume Unforgivable Woman:
“It’s about being unapologetic. It’s about having swagger. Confidence is such a sexy, sexy quality.”

Makeup trend he’s so over:
“Red lipstick just isn’t working for me. It might be good for an awards show, but it’s not hot to kiss. I love natural lip color—that’s always a good look!”

Biggest beauty obsession:
“Sugar Bath Cubes by Fresh. I take a bath every night. I love the way they make my skin feel. I have very soft skin—go ahead, touch it!”

For the rest of the interview, click here.

*Is it just me, or does the Sean John Fall 2008 collection look a little effeminate? I’m not judging…just sayin’.

 Diddy Didn’t Happen

MAC First Look: Jonathan Saunders

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jonsaunders MAC First Look: Jonathan Saunders
“Sci-fi, sporty, blade-runner girl. Honed-to-the-bone skin. There is aggressiveness to the brows – they’re a bit boyish.”
Val Garland – Key Artist

jonsaunders face MAC First Look: Jonathan Saunders
MAC Face and Body Foundation was buffed into the skin using Brush 187.

jonsaunders eyes MAC First Look: Jonathan Saunders
MAC Gloss Texture was mixed with Reflects Pearl and applied from the lash to the brow. Boyish brows were created by brushing brows up with MAC Eyebrow Brush 266. Brows were then filled in with MAC Eye Brow Pencils in appropriate shades, followed my MAC Brow Finisher.

jonsaunders lips MAC First Look: Jonathan Saunders
MAC PRO Lip Erase was lightly applied to the lips to bring down their natural color.

 MAC First Look: Jonathan Saunders

MAC First Look: Tuleh

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tuleh MAC First Look: Tuleh
“The look was inspired by a photograph of Charlotte Rampling from the 70s.”
Polly Osmond – Key Artist

tuleh face MAC First Look: Tuleh
MAC Face and Body Foundation was blended into the skin with Brush 187. Sculpt and Shape in Accentuate was applied with Brush 136 onto cheek bones for contour.

tuleh eyes MAC First Look: Tuleh
MAC Eye Shadows in Embark and Corduroy were brushed into the crease of the eyelid with Brush 224 and onto the outer half of the lower lash line. Using Brush 242, Yellow Gold Pigment was applied to the inner corner of the lid, as well as the inner bottom lash line; Rose Gold Pigment was applied to the center of the lid and the center of the lower lash line. Antiqued Copper Pigment was applied to the outer corner of the lids. The pigments were then blended with Brush 224. Zoom Lash Mascara in Black was coated onto the top and bottom lashes. Brows were lightly filled in with Lingering Eye Brow Pencil and Clear Brow Set.

tuleh lips MAC First Look: Tuleh
MAC 4N Lipstick was patted onto the lips and 2N Lipglass was layered on top.

 MAC First Look: Tuleh

I’m An ANTM Magnet!

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fw2+035 Im An ANTM Magnet!
Friday at the tents, I’m sitting on a bench – just minding my own…then out of the corner of my eye, I spy Bianca from Cycle 9 of America’s Next Top Model!!!

What is going on with me? In the span of one week, I run into Nigel Barker and Bianca?!?!?

She was there with another striking woman who looked very familiar, but I couldn’t place her face. Only after they left did the lightbulb go off. The other woman was Nyabel from The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.

Damn, I’m short.

 Im An ANTM Magnet!

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