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Fashion Week

MAC Fashion Week Recap

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trendspot MAC Fashion Week Recap
I enjoyed my first Fashion Week experience more than I can say. But obviously, I couldn’t attend every runway show. Luckily, MAC Trendspot provides a glimpse behind the scenes at the Fall 2008 collections, where they joined the most renowned international makeup artists creating next season’s hot looks.

MAC’s backstage support of fashion is unparalleled. Each season, their participation in the world’s key fashion weeks brings them together with leading-edge designers and international top makeup artists to evolve the looks that become next season’s beauty trends.

All week, Spoiled Pretty will be bringing you MAC’s ‘First Look.’ So stay tuned to stay ahead of the beauty curve.

 MAC Fashion Week Recap

Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008

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This past Friday, I returned to New York for another dose of Fashion Week. I just couldn’t stay away. This time, I got the skinny on Carmen Marc Valvo’s Fall 2008 Ready To Wear collection.

fw2+002 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008I spoke to Lead Makeup Artist, Tom Pecheux, about his inspiration for the makeup look. He told me he was inspired by the collection, which was based on lingerie. “There is a sensuality about the collection, so I didn’t want to go too sexy for the makeup – or else it might look too boudoir,” he said. “Emphasis on a strong, perfect mouth keeps it couture.”

Foundation was natural and matte, eyes were defined with a simple swipe of mascara, and models wore no blush. Pecheux explained, “The essence of the look is ‘sophisticated woman with a touch of masculinity.’”

The vibrant lip was achieved by lining the mouth and filling in lips with MAC Magenta Lip Pencil. The finishing touch was a dab of MAC Russian Red Lipstick in the center of lips. It was a sporty, modern take on the classic red mouth.

My BFF Victor was there, and he offered a little insight to trends for Fall. “Fall 2008 will be a big lip season. You’re going to see an emphasis on technically astute lips. We’re moving away from women haphazardly swiping at their mouths with a tube of lipstick. Women are going to have to wake up a couple minutes early to replicate this look. And for all of those ladies who have misplaced their lip pencils, it’s time to go out and purchase a new one.”

fw2+014 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008Models’ hair was smoothed into a sleek low ponytail and separated into two sections. Each piece was braided; then the two plaits were intertwined and pinned at the nape of the neck. To finish off the look, stylists applied a generous helping of Redken Hardwear 16 Super Strong Gel – for a glass-like effect.

CND artists were also on hand (pun intended), painting models’ nails in Clearly Pink, a creamy neutral that compliments all skin tones.

fw2+033 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008
Lead Makeup Artist Tom Pecheux strikes a pose

fw2+003 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008
MAC Senior Makeup Artist Nadine Luke lines model’s mouth in Magenta

fw2+029 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008
Victor doing his thang

fw2+023 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008
A model shows off the finished look

fw2+024 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008
CND artists make sure models’ nails are perfectly polished

 Fashion Week: Carmen Marc Valvo Fall 2008

Fashion Week: I’ll Be Back!

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 Fashion Week: Ill Be Back!

As much as I wanted to stick around for the whole of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week – Fall 2008, I had to travel to Dallas for a business trip. So I reluctantly said TTFN to NYC.

I did return on February 8th for more beauty, fashion, and fun (more on that later).

rafe diana Fashion Week: Ill Be Back!

And check out my purse. Isn’t it a work of art? It’s the Diana Large Hobo by Rafe, and I’m in love with it. The metallic patent leather is so sumptuous, but the deerskin-embossed leather trim lends a sporty edge. I wore it all over New York for Fashion Week, I took it on my Dallas trip, and I’ve been running errands with it since I returned home. It truly does work in any situation.

I’m a lucky gal because designer Rafe Totengco, also a fellow blogger, gifted this bag to me – along with a note of encouragement (see, left).

rafe note+003 Fashion Week: Ill Be Back!It reads:

Hi Daneen,

Enjoy the bag & blog it out!


Can you get over that? I’m still pinching myself. Rafe’s gorgeous creations and impeccable customer service are undoubtedy the reason why this award-winning designer has such a loyal celebrity fanbase, including Jessica Alba, Vanessa Minnillo, and Eva Longoria (who even commissioned Rafe to create clutches for her bridesmaids).

Thank you, Rafe – for making feel, and look, so special for Fashion Week!

 Fashion Week: Ill Be Back!

Fashion Week: Backstage At Lela Rose

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lela rose Fashion Week: Backstage At Lela Rose
On the third day of Fashion Week, I woke up early and headed over to the tents. Outside, it may have been a sleepy Sunday morning, but backstage at Lela Rose, it was bustling.

I wasn’t originally scheduled to cover the Lela Rose show, but after being rebuffed at Alexandre Herchcovitch, Julia let me take her place (merci, Julia!) while she caught up on some beauty sleep. So imagine my surprise/excitement when I see the Ted Gibson – not one of his senior stylists – styling the models hair. I couldn’t believe my luck. Standing there in the presence of greatness, I couldn’t form words. So I snapped some amateur-ish photos and psyched myself up to talk to him. Ted must have sensed my nervousness, so he asked, “Do you wanna talk to me?”

fw1+115 Fashion Week: Backstage At Lela Rose
Ted Gibson blowdries model’s hair

fw1+116 Fashion Week: Backstage At Lela Rose
Ted curls model’s hair with medium barrel curling iron

fw1+117 Fashion Week: Backstage At Lela Rose
Lela Rose and Ted Gibson

I slowly approached him while wildly fumbling in my bag for my notepad and pen, but was quickly put at ease by his friendly charm. It turns out that Ted, besides being a hair styling genius, is unbelievably down-to-earth and welcoming. He even told me I looked familiar, which warmed my heart – since he spends most of his time surrounded by models and celebs.

I quizzed him about the inspiration for the collection, to which he replied, “it’s Jerry Hall meets Park Avenue.” He continued on, adding that the hair concept was actually Lela’s. “It’s so nice to work with a designer who has such a clear sense of direction,” he said. “Lela really knows who her customer is, and her collection reflects that.”

To achieve the look – which Ted described as “sporty rather than contrived” – hair was blown out with Build It Blow Drying Agent, which imparts body, bold movement and intense shine to the hair. Next hair was curled with a medium-barrel curling iron, then he back-combed the roots “to create volume and texture at the scalp.” To set the style, Ted spritzed hair with Beautiful Hold, his gardenia-scented hairspray.

Finally, locks were smoothed with a paddle brush, styled into a half up/half down style, and finished off with a few swipes of Hair Sheet Treatment – to “rebuild and revitalize.” Before concluding the interview, I asked Ted about his celebrity hair muses – to which he replied: Marion Cotillard, Anne Hathaway (whose hair he styled for the Miss Sixty show), Joy Bryant, Gabrielle Union, and Debra Messing.

lelarose makeup Fashion Week: Backstage At Lela Rose
Beauty.com celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow created the sporty socialite look with products from NARS.

Models wore:

Eyes: Kaliste Eyeliner Pencil (teal) and Paris Eyeshadow Duo (silver shimmer and matte gray)
Cheeks: Dolce Vita Blush* (dusty rose)
Lips: Misbehave Lip Gloss** (sheer cherry red with gold shimmer) and Greek Holiday Lip Gloss (shimmering pink sand)

*new for Fall 2008
**new for Summer 2008

 Fashion Week: Backstage At Lela Rose

Fashion Week Chapter Six: MAC Dinner at Indochine

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macdinner4 Fashion Week Chapter Six: MAC Dinner at Indochine
Last Saturday, after leaving the Lancome Boutique, I headed to NoHo for a soiree sponsored by MAC at Indochine. All of the usual suspects (Julia, Erica, Marina, and Amber) were in attendance, as well as many other familiar faces – shout out to Elke, Michelle, Jennifer, Shannon, Lianne, Christine, Christina, and Teri.

I made some new friends in Dina, Henna, Annie, and Tamar. And I finally got to meet my fairy godmother, Heather from MAC, who I have to thank for my amazing fashion week opportunity.

The menu at Indochine is French-Vietnamese; so like the night before at Koi, we had to use chopsticks. Except this time, they didn’t have any of those rubber ‘chopsticks for dummies’ things to help me better grip my food…so it was quite interesting to watch me eat. The food was absolutely delish, though I probably would have eaten more had I been more competent with the utensils.

Amber was cracking me up all night with her one-liners, and we bonded over our mutual love for WaWa. Don’t know about WaWa? You better ask somebody.

victorsketch+004 Fashion Week Chapter Six: MAC Dinner at IndochineI also had the pleasure of meeting Victor, Senior Artist for MAC Pro. He’s based in San Francisco, but was in town to work his magic at several runway shows. Once word got out that Victor is also Missy Elliot’s makeup artist, we had him surrounded. Julia quizzed him on Missy’s lip look. Amber inquired about smoky eye techniques. I asked Victor how to play up my eyes for everyday – and he drew me the cutest sketch on my notepad with MAC color recommendations (see, above left). I adore Victor…he’s my new BFF, he just doesn’t know it yet. I think I’m going to buy matching friendship lockets and send one to him.

fw1+104 Fashion Week Chapter Six: MAC Dinner at Indochine
Me, Victor, and Marina

fw1+105 Fashion Week Chapter Six: MAC Dinner at Indochine
Amber and Dina

macdinner2 Fashion Week Chapter Six: MAC Dinner at Indochine
Julia, Heather, and Elke

 Fashion Week Chapter Six: MAC Dinner at Indochine

Fashion Week: Movin On Up, To The West Side

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lancomeboutique Fashion Week: Movin On Up, To The West Side
So after meeting with Samara, but before the MAC dinner at Indochine, I made a pit stop at the Lancôme Boutique on the Upper West Side for an evening of fashion and beauty. Julia, Marina, Amber, Erika, and I sipped on mocktails, picked up copies of Violet by Design, and got our hands on the limited-edition (but not yet released) Christopher Kane Juicy Tubes. Amber picked up a tube of the Tokyo Plum Blossom gloss, while Julia couldn’t decide to wear, smell, or eat the butterscotch scented/flavored Grand Café Crème Brulee.

My favorite part of the event was the opportunity to meet Kerry Diamond, Vice President of Global Communications at Lancôme (she is the former Beauty Editor of Harper’s Bazaar). I talked with her for at least ten minutes – and she was absolutely delightful.

We vowed to warn younger generations against plucking their eyebrows, and chatted about the plight of the nearsighted. While on the topic of contact lenses/glasses/Lasik surgery, Kerry told Amber and me the cutest/funniest story. Not too long ago, she fell asleep without removing her contacts – which she says she never does. The next morning when she woke up, she turned to look at the alarm clock and was shocked by how clearly she could read the time. She said that, for about 45 seconds, she thought it was a miracle and that her eyesight had been restored. How hilarious is that? I enjoyed talking to Kerry so much; I was a little in awe of her, to be quite honest. She’s so chic and successful, but completely unpretentious and personable!

fw1+103 Fashion Week: Movin On Up, To The West Side
Erika and Kerry Diamond

fw1+102 Fashion Week: Movin On Up, To The West Side
Me and Lancôme Spokesmodel Selena Breed

 Fashion Week: Movin On Up, To The West Side

How Diddy Does Fashion Week

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diddy How Diddy Does Fashion WeekOn Friday, I’ll be backstage with MAC at Sean John. So here’s a little something to whet your appetite…

In the March issue of Marie Claire, this bad boy combs through the contents of his Fashion Week survival kit – and discloses why these products made the cut.

1) Louis Vuitton Bequia Bag: “Gotta give it up for the LV. Their stuff is tight. These bags are stylish yet masculine – like me.”

2) Sean John Classic Aviators: “It’s all about style – and these shades add instant swagger.”

3) Fiji Water: “It tastes so pure and keeps me hydrated when I’m running around.”

4) Unforgivable Eau de Toilette: “My scent is a part of me; it’s what’s left behind when I exit a room. I never leave home without smelling right.”

5) Fresh Sugar Lemon Body Lotion: “This lotion exfoliates my skin like nothing else.”

6) Proactiv Skincare: “I’m always in the spotlight, so I can’t be walking around with acne. This keeps my skin in check.”

7) Plantronics Bluetooth Headset: “I only have two hands. This device keeps them free to get the bigger things done.”

8) Luxury Spa Ginger Prosperity Air Freshener: “These keep any hotel room smelling a little bit like home, no matter where in the world I am.”

9) IPod Touch: “Music keeps my creative energy flowing.”

10) Xotics Skin Therapy Aftershave: “This provides the moisture I need to keep my shaves looking right.”

11) Trident Strawberry Fusion Gum: “I’m a strawberry guy – ain’t no shame in that. You should always have fresh breath.”

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