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The Miche Bag

miche+bag The Miche BagAs you know, I’m a handbag fiend. Despite the fact that this site is (technically) a beauty blog, I spend a good amount of time introducing you to some pretty purses. But I’m an equal opportunity blogger, which is why I feel compelled to also address one of the fuglier purses I’ve seen in a while: the Miche Bag.

Have you seen this thing? The Miche Bag has interchangeable covers that attach with industrial-strength magnets, so you can change the look of your bag to match your tacky-ass outfit.

I’ll give it to the creators…it’s a creative idea. It’s just a shame that the final product looks so cheap. I mean, the pleather appears to be so bargain basement that I could imagine, if your bag got dirty, you’d just wipe it down with some Windex and be on your way. And you know if it looks bad on TV, it’s gonna look a hot mess when it’s all up in your grill.

If you’re looking for a bag that offers more than just one look, might I suggest Gwen Versatile Handbags? Gwen purses transform with multiple looks, textures, and styles. Hailed as must-haves by celebrities (Oprah digs them), Gwen handbags give their wearer the ability to create her own style.

gwen+versatile+handbags The Miche Bag

I own a gray and silver Gwen clutch that was created exclusively for Avon (not the one seen above), and I luvre it.

Ideeli Red Sale

fendi+handbag Ideeli Red Sale

Ideeli Red Sale
Sale starts Thursday, May 21
Prices start at $10 (save up to 90% off!)

Oscar de la Renta joins Old World craftsmanship with new age glamour. The epitome of city sleek, Donna Karan brings clean lines and subtle edge to modern style. Celine captures classic French chic and Marc Jacobs brings Americana charm to sophisticated design. From ready-to-wear to accessories to home, these labels lead the way, proving that too much of a good thing is a great thing indeed.

donna+karan+heels Ideeli Red Sale
dautore+handbag Ideeli Red Sale
Ideeli membership is free…click here for an invite, courtesy of Spoiled Pretty.

Abaco Sale at Ideeli: Get On This!

abaco+maxim+handbag Abaco Sale at Ideeli: Get On This!

Last year, I bought this gorgeous Abaco bag at…and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. The modern design is extremely versatile; I can dress it up or down. And the leather is buttery soft. Every time I carry it, friends compliment the bag and strangers stop me on the street. In fact, a few weeks ago, some crazy lady on the bus started petting it while she raved about the style and color (you know I promptly changed my seat).

Abaco is a Parisian label, and is very hard to come by here in the states. So when people ask me how they can get their hands on one of their bags, I’m always at a loss for words. I just received word that Ideeli is hosting another Abaco sample sale, so I couldn’t wait to share the news with my girls.

abaco+octopus+handbag Abaco Sale at Ideeli: Get On This!

Abaco Sale
Sale starts Monday, May 18
Prices start at $69 (save up to 77%)
Abaco offers roomy handbags without the fuss. Following a true “joie de vivre” philosophy, this Parisian label unites vintage charm with modern practicality, creating a new twist on classic feminine style. Backed by extensive experience as a makeup artist, designer Raquel Achache crafts bags from supple leathers in indefinite colors (such as blue-gray). Because these subtler shades are also harder to find, she works directly with her factories to develop these custom colors, giving Abaco Laguna bags a distinct, sophisticated look. Pair this color palette with perfectly slouched silhouettes and the results manage to feel both new and familiar.

Here’s a sampling of Ideeli’s other sample sales this week:

tracy+matthews+ring Abaco Sale at Ideeli: Get On This!

Sale starts Monday, May 18
Prices start at $29 (save up to 61%)
Tracy Matthews Designs was founded in Spring 1999 in San Francisco. Matthews is influenced by Frisco’s rich culture, which fostered in her a deep love of color and art that is obvious in her collection. With such fun, gorgeous jewelry, it’s no wonder fashionistas like Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, and Charlize Theron love Tracy’s designs. In Matthews’ world, all that glitters really is gold, so join the glitterati and stock up on Tracy Matthews Designs.

earnest+sewn+jeans+denim Abaco Sale at Ideeli: Get On This!

Sale starts Tuesday, May 19
Prices start at $56 (save up to 70%)
White denim, dark denim, light denim jeans – Ideeli has it all – on sale on Tuesday.

Ideeli membership is free…click here for an invite, courtesy of Spoiled Pretty. Sales This Week

Check out the fab sales going down at this week…

max+studio Sales This Week

Max Studio Sale
Sale starts Monday, May 11
Prices start at $38 (save up to 55%)
Every girl wants to be trend-savvy, but practicality demands clothing picks that will endure. That means everyday basics with uniquely fashionable twists, pieces that translate from office sophistication to nighttime playfulness. Enter Max Studio, the brand started by fashion pioneer Leon Max, over 30 years ago.

janna+conner+jewelry Sales This Week

Janna Conner Sale
Sale starts Monday, May 11
Prices start at $27 (save up to: 60%)
Creating everything from intricate metal earrings to beautifully simple pendants, Janna Conner uses high quality materials like Czechoslovakian faceted glass, semi-precious gems, and 14 karat gold. While effortlessly mixing modern elements with classic and exotic designs, Conner often infuses bursts of color into the line with delicate enameling details and bright stones like turquoise. With these eye-catching looks, it’s a given that items from Conner’s collection have shown up on countless fashion-forward stars, and are housed in cutting edge boutiques across the country.

heather+hawkins+handbag Sales This Week

Heather Hawkins Handbag Sale
Sale starts Tuesday, May 12
Prices start at $121 (save up to: 60%)
A natural-born designer, Heather Hawkins knows that beauty arises when passion teams with skill. And Hawkins began developing her skills from an early age. Spending hours of her youth at her grandmother’s seamstress shop and her father’s wholesale drapery business, she learned the nuances of fabrics and the impact of color. It was years later, however, in sculpture classes at college, that Hawkins’ inspiration ignited, and her self-titled handbag collection was formed.

furla+handbag Sales This Week

Furla Sale
Sale starts Tuesday, May 12
Prices start at $84 (save up to: 61%)
In 1955, Furla’s first store opened on the Via Ugo Bassi in Bologne. It was here that the family-run business truly came into its own, showcasing Furla’s immaculate pieces in an atmosphere that reflected the spirit of the individuals behind its creation. By the mid-70s, Aldo’s children had taken the reins, imbuing the collection with innovative designs and modern materials. Furla continued full-speed-ahead as it established shops in Rome, Paris and New York, and garnered a cult following among style mavens across the globe. Today, traditional craftsmanship and clean lines remain marks of the house as Furla unfurls Italian elegance on us all.

Ideeli membership is free…click here for an invite, courtesy of Spoiled Pretty.

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