Clinique High Lengths Mascara Giveaway Winners!

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Salon Perfect Lashes Giveaway Winners!

Congrats to the winners of the Salon Perfect Lashes Giveaway:

Jen (lilmamaj)
Julie H
Laura (flawlessface101)
Molly (meoleme)
Sharon Harmon

Winners, check your email. I’ll need you to send me your full names and mailing addresses so that the contest’s sponsor can ship your prizes.

If you didn’t win, don’t cry. Just drop by your local Walmart (or and pick up a pair!

And don’t miss out on other chances to get spoiled pretty. Win a ZENO Hot Spot or Clinique’s newest mascara!

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Makeup Mondays With Mario: How To Apply False Lashes

Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is answering your burning beauty questions!!! Every Monday, he will answer a beauty/skin care question as part of a weekly column on Spoiled Pretty, Makeup Mondays with Mario.

Hey Mario!

Before I ask my question, I just want to say that I am a big admirer of yours and look forward to your column on Spoiled Pretty every week. I think it’s so great that fans like me get an opportunity to ask you beauty questions…and I would be so thrilled if you could answer mine. Okay, so here’s my question: how exactly do you apply false eyelashes? I have a few pairs in my beauty kit, but every time I try to apply them, I just make a mess and give up. Can you give some step-by-step tips? Also, do you have any favorite brands you can recommend? Thanks!

Dear Irina,

First of all, thank you for your kind words and for putting a smile on my face this morning! I love sharing my knowledge of makeup and beauty and hope that my answers to your questions solve whatever makeup dilemmas you may have. Before I explain some tips and tricks about false eyelashes, remember that a little mess can be cleaned up, so giving up is not an option!

Before applying false lashes, determine what style or shape works best for your eyes. Strip lashes will most likely have to be cut shorter on the corners for a perfect fit. Some find individual lashes easier to apply and more natural looking. I think it depends on your own lashes and “look” you’re going for.

Start by curling lashes and applying mascara as usual. Hold the lash with fingers or tweezers and apply some lash glue along the entire strip, making sure not to use too little or too much of the product. Now STOP. The glue must dry a bit to a tacky texture before it’s placed. You will know its ready when it darkens a bit and looks almost dry.

Now you can take the lash with tweezers or even your hand, tilt head up a bit and apply the lash right over your own lashes. Make sure to try and get it as close to the roots as possible. Curling your lashes and false lashes together (with very little pressure) works beautifully to sort of join and blend the two. For added drama, apply more mascara and then separate any clumps if needed.

Some extra tips – use Dark Tone Duo Eyelash Glue. It dries dark and comes in a user-friendly tune.

Lining the top lids with a dark liner really finishes the look and conceals any imperfections along the upper lash line. 😉

For fun and glamorous lashes, try Ja’Maal Buster lashes and Smoke and Mirrors lashes. Another fave of mine and classic are the Ardell lashes which come in tons of different styles.

Remember practice makes pretty! Thanks for visiting Makeup Mondays with Mario.xo,
Got a question for Mario? Email your makeup and skin care queries to, and check back next Monday to read Mario’s expert advice!

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Salon Perfect Lashes Giveaway!

Time for another giveaway…once I start, I can’t stop!

Salon Perfect Lashes are made from sterilized 100% human hair and individually trimmed by trained technicians. Give your look a little extra flare with these gorgeous black lashes. For picture perfect eyes, first apply all make-up except for mascara. Check lash size by applying without adhesive and trim where necessary. After sizing, apply a thin coating of Perfect Lash Adhesive along the back of the lash strip and then apply. The adhesive will dry clear after a few minutes. Apply mascara and go!

Salon Perfect Lashes ($4) are available at Walmart stores. 15 lucky winners will win their own set of gorgeous lashes!

To enter the giveaway, leave a message in the comments section; make sure to leave a way for me to get in touch, just in case you get lucky. Contest is open to U.S. residents only. The giveaway ends at noon (EST) on Monday, February 22, 2010.

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