The Motherload Giveaway: And The Winners Are…

cynthia+rowley The Motherload Giveaway: And The Winners Are...
Happy Mother’s Day, pretties!

stila The Motherload Giveaway: And The Winners Are...Today we’re celebrating the amazing bond between mothers and children…and we’re announcing the winners of The Motherload Giveaway.

I received so many wonderful emails, and I appreciate the stories and photos that you shared with me. I was so touched by the entries, and truly wish that I had an unlimited amount of gift sets to give away. But, alas, I only have three.

The winners will receive Stila Multi-Effect Mascara, Stila Face Contouring Trio, Flower by Cynthia Rowley Eau de Parfum Spray, and Petal by Cynthia Rowley Eau de Toilette Spray. And the lucky ladies are…

Jennifer Toy
 The Motherload Giveaway: And The Winners Are...
I was never close with my mother — that is, up until this year. Ever since I moved away to college, she has become my best friend. Although I am about 350 miles away from her most of the year, the distance is what brought us close together. She needed me as much as I needed her. As ironic as that may sound, being far away has connected us much more. She always thought of me as her baby girl, the one she needed to protect and save from the evils of the world. However, the way she protected me in high school caused me to rebel. Like many kids, I wanted to be free and independent. However, it’s harder than it seems. When I moved away to college, I felt so detached from my family, from my mother. She was there for me even when we lived so far apart. She leaves me sweet messages reminding me to study and get a good night’s sleep are only some of the things that I love about her. So this mother’s day, I’ve saved up enough money to fly home to surprise her. I can’t wait to see the look on her face!

Kimberly Hanger
Kimberly+Hanger The Motherload Giveaway: And The Winners Are...
I love being a mother because it has made me appreciate and love my own mother ten times more, and my grandmother too. I look back at my childhood and realize all the sacrifices she lovingly made for me, and all the beautiful memories I have of us together. It makes me want to be just as wonderful a mother as my own mother, who I personally think did the best job ever, and each day I strive to live up to her example with my own daughter. My mother and I are best friends, and that is the most valuable gift she has given me, along with her love. I hope when my daughter is my age, she can say the same things about me.

Meghan Murphy
Meghan+Murphy The Motherload Giveaway: And The Winners Are...
My mother, Nancy, was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer just two months ago. For the last two months she’s has major surgeries, been in the ICU for 3 weeks and had two doses of chemotherapy. My mother has been resilient and strong from the beginning of her life. As a mother she spent her years, along with my father, caring for me and going above and beyond to dedicate her life to being my mother.

When my mother got sick, I began to review all the many things she did for me as my mother and began to file these memories away in my mind. Even though I’m 28 years old, married and own my own home now… my mother and I are still very much mother and child.

My mom’s hair has fallen out and her skin is changing due to the chemotherapy treatment. When a person struggles through a battle like cancer, the image of their self is damaged because of the havoc the treatments wreak on their bodies. When I read about your contest, I thought about how perfect this might be for her…to have some new makeup and some new looks to try out, as her beautiful face continues to change and be altered by this terrible disease.

If you don’t chose us, I might be disappointed, but I won’t stop in my quest to make sure my mother knows that I love her…and that she is my best friend. Thanks for taking the time to read about my incredible mom.

Thanks to everyone who entered. And special thanks to Avon and Stila for sponsoring this fabulous contest!

Tune in tomorrow when I’ll announce Spoiled Pretty’s latest giveaway! See you then.

The Motherload Giveaway – Don’t Forget To Enter!

In honor of Mother’s Day, Spoiled Pretty is celebrating motherhood this week – and hosting the mutha of all giveaways!

mom daughter The Motherload Giveaway   Dont Forget To Enter!Three readers will win a set of goodies which includes: Stila Multi-Effect Mascara, Stila Face Contouring Trio, Flower by Cynthia Rowley Eau de Parfum Spray, and Petal by Cynthia Rowley Eau de Toilette Spray. Each set is worth $103!

Click here for more information and for entry rules.

The contest closes tonight at midnight (EST) and the winners will be revealed tomorrow, on Mother’s Day. Will one of them be you? Not if you don’t enter.

Good luck!

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Don’t Risk Leaving Your Toothbrush Unattended…Try DentaBurst

dentaburst2 Dont Risk Leaving Your Toothbrush Unattended...Try DentaBurst
A few weeks ago during a restroom break at work, I noticed a cup on the counter by the sink. And in said cup was a toothbrush. What the bleep?!?! Grossness.

I used to have aspirations to become a pediatric dentist/orthodontist (long story), so I can appreciate a passion for dental care. But treating a public lavatory like your personal bathroom is taking it to the extreme. Plus, in my opinion, leaving your toothbrush unattended in a public place is incredibly naïve…I mean, haven’t they heard about the Big Brother episode where the vindictive girl cleans the toilet with her rival’s toothbrush? I’ve never even seen that show, but I’ve heard about that eppy a million times.

dentaburst Dont Risk Leaving Your Toothbrush Unattended...Try DentaBurstFor those of you who are looking for minty freshness on the go, I’ve found the perfect product for you. DentaBurst teeth cleaners are better than gum because they remove plaque whilst freshening breath. Just place Dentaburst on your index finger, rub it on your teeth, and enjoy the feeling of a clean mouth. The mint flavor tastes great, and it’s also available in cinnamon.They’re individually wrapped, in packs of twelve – so toss a few in your purse, store some in you car, or stash a couple in your desk drawer at work. I think I might leave some on the bathroom counter of my office restroom, and hope that my dental hygiene-happy colleague takes the hint.

DentaBurst is available in the dental aisle at CVS and Target.

The Naked Eye

balmsaway The Naked EyeI don’t typically get excited by makeup removers. But Balms Away, a new vitamin-infused, skin-soothing eye makeup remover from TheBalm has me intrigued. What makes it so special? It’s solid!

Simpy apply a dollop to each closed eye, massage in a circular motion for 3o seconds, and remove with a tissue. Perfect for travel, and for gals on the go.

Available at and Sephora.

Carol’s Daughter At The Body & Soul Mother’s Day Event

bodyandsoul cd Carol’s Daughter At The Body & Soul Mother’s Day Event
This Mother’s Day, let Carol’s Daughter take care of your body and soul with pampering products and an inspiring new book.

Author Amy Dubois Barnett will be appearing at the Carol’s Daughter flagship store in Harlem to sign copies of her new book, Get Yours: The Girlfriend’s Guide to Having Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed of and More. The former editor-in-chief of Teen People and Honey Magazine, Dubois Barnett is currently the deputy editor-in-chief at Harper’s Bazaar. She will be giving advice based on her book at the event for an empowering Mother’s Day.

While Get Yours gives you a spiritual boost, Carol’s Daughter products pamper you head to toe. Treat yourself to the Body & Soul gift set, an indulgent kit containing Rosemary Mint Shampoo, Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner, Almond Cookie Lotion and Almond Cookie Body Cleansing Gel.

Body & Soul Mother’s Day Event
May 11th, from 3pm-6pm
Carol’s Daughter Flagship Store in New York City
24 West 125th street (between Lenox and Fifth Avenue)

1 421 422 423 424 425 523