MAC Venomous Villains

 mac+disney+venomous+villians MAC Venomous Villains
‘Member back in May when I scooped y’all about MAC Cosmetics’ clever collabo with Disney? Well, Venomous Villains is almost here and Spoiled Pretty has a sneak peek at the collection.

MAC+Venomous+Villains MAC Venomous VillainsA potion to poison, an apple to bite, a spell to cast…bad never looked so good. A crystal ball of color created from your favorite Disney Venomous Villains, inspired by the three most infamously frosty, fabulous and formidable of Disney’s Dark Ladies…and one dastardly Dr. Facilier. Don’t you love it? A MAC and Disney collaboration to celebrate the dark side in every one of us, in a glamorous sort of way. Who’s the fairest one of all? Four separate mini-collections, in haute animated couture. The incomparable Cruella de Vil and Snow White’s Evil Queen, each featured on one ultra primary displayer Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent and The Princess and the Frog’s Dr. Facilier are both up to no good on their own. Uniquely designed iconic packaging you will kill for, cunning characters and bedeviled beauties that are so alluring, you can’t help but wonder: what would it be like to be one?


Eye Shadow, $15.50

VenomousVillains Cruella EyeShadow SweetJoy 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillains Cruella EyeShadow De Vil 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillains Cruella EyeShadow Carbon 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Sweet Joy: Frosted creamy pale gold (Frost)
De-Vil: Rich copper (Veluxe pearl)
Carbon: Intense black (Matte)

Lipstick, $15.50

VenomousVillains Cruella Lipstick InnocenceBeware 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillains Cruella Lipstick Heartless 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Innocence, Beware!: Light yellow pink (Cremesheen)
Heartless: Cherry red (Amplified)

Lipglass, $15.50

VenomousVillains Cruella Lipstglass WickedWays 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillains Cruella Lipstglass DevilishlyStylish 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Wicked Ways: Light nude with gold pearl
Devilishly Stylish: Deep fuchsia with pink pearl

Powder Blush, $19.50

VenomousVillains Cruella PowderBrush DarklyMyDear 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Darkly My Dear: Dirty brown plum (Matte)

Beauty Powder, $25

VenomousVillains Cruella BeautyPowder HerOwnDevices 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Her Own Devices: Cool nude

Penultimate Eye Liner, $16.50

VenomousVillains Cruella PenultimateEyeLiner Rapidblack 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Rapidblack: True black


Eye Shadow, $15.50

VenomousVillians EvilQueen EyeShadow HerAlterImage 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillians EvilQueen EyeShadow Vainglorious 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillians EvilQueen EyeShadow VileViolet 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Her Alter Image: Light violet (Veluxe pearl)
Vainglorious: Bronze burgundy (Frost)
Vile Violet: Deep dirty blue purple (Matte)

Lipstick, $15.50

VenomousVillians EvilQueen Lipstick ToxicTale 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillians EvilQueen Lipstick Sinister 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Toxic Tale: Bright coral (Satin)
Sinister: Soft brown plum (Lustre)

Lipglass, $15.50

VenomousVillians EvilQueen Lipstglass StrangePotion 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillians EvilQueen Lipstglass HotHouse 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Strange Potion: Soft coral pink
Hot House: Deep raspberry with pink pearl

Powder Blush, $19.50

VenomousVillians EvilQueen PowderBrush BiteOfAnApple 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Bite of an Apple: Soft coral pink (Matte)

Beauty Powder, $25

VenomousVillians EvilQueen BeautyPowder2 OhSoFair 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Oh So Fair: Clean pink with gold pearl

Penultimate Brow Marker, $16.50

VenomousVillians EvilQueen PenultimateBrowMarker 300 MAC Venomous Villains


Mineralize Eye Shadow (DUO), $21

VenomousVillains Maleficent EMineralizeEyeShadowDuo MyDarkMa MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillains Maleficent EMineralizeEyeShadowDUO SheWhoDa MAC Venomous Villains

My Dark Magic: Deep pink with pink pearl/Deep plum with purple pearl
She Who Dares: Deep navy with blue pearl/Deep forest green with lime green pearl

Lipstick, $15.50

VenomousVillains Maleficent Lipstick Violetta 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillains Maleficent Lipstick DarkDeed 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Violetta: Bright clean violet purple (Amplified)
Dark Deed: Burgundy plum (Amplified)

Lipglass, $15.50

VenomousVillains Maleficent Lipglass RevengeIsSweet 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillains Maleficent Lipglass WrongSpell 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Revenge Is Sweet: Light yellow purple
Wrong Spell: Deep plum with pink purple

Beauty Powder, $25

VenomousVillains Maleficent BeautyPowder BriarRose 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Briar Rose: Soft violet pink with pearl

Nail Lacquer, $13

VenomousVillains Maleficent NailLacquer BadFairy 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillains Maleficent NailLacquer Formidable 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillains Maleficent NailLacquer Mean%26Green 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Bad Fairy: Red with red multi-changing pearl
Formidable!: Teal green with pink multi-changing pearl
Mean & Green: Purple with teal multi-changing pearl


M·A·C Magically Cool Liquid Powder, $29.50

VenomousVillains Dr.Facilier MacMagicallyCoolLiquidPowder Tr MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillains Dr.Facilier MacMagicallyCoolLiquidPowder Ca MAC Venomous Villains

Truth & Light: Sheer shimmer that reflects silver and pink
Cajun: Sheer bronze shimmer that reflects gold

Lipgelée, $15.50

VenomousVillains Dr.Facilier Lipgel%C3%A9e ResortLife 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Resort Life: Off white with pink pearl

Greasepaint Stick, $17.50

VenomousVillains Dr.Facilier GreasepaintStick SlickBlack 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillains Dr.Facilier GreasepaintStick FrenchQuarter  MAC Venomous Villains

Slick Black: True carbon black
French Quarter: Dirty black green with multi-colour pearl

Pigment, $19.50

VenomousVillains Dr.Facilier Pigment Melon 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillains Dr.Facilier Pigment Brash%26Bold 300 MAC Venomous VillainsVenomousVillains Dr.Facilier PushTheEdge 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Melon: Soft bright golden peach (Frost)
Brash & Bold: Bright magenta (Frost)
Push the Edge: Deep bright purple with pearl (Frost)

Zoom Fast Black Lash: Deepest black, $14

VenomousVillains Dr.Facilier ZoomFastBlackLash 300 MAC Venomous Villains

MAC I’m So Vain Mirror, $12

VenomousVillains Dr.Facilier MacImSoVainMirror 300 MAC Venomous Villains

Compact inspired by collaboration; interior contains standard mirror on one side and magnifying mirror on alternate side.

MAC Venomous Villains will be on counter starting September 30 through October 2010.

Les Khakis De Chanel Nail Polish

chanel+nouvelle+vague+nail+polish Les Khakis De Chanel Nail PolishThis summer, I was a little late jumping on the Chanel Nouvelle Vague nail polish bandwagon. By the time I discovered the rockin’ robin’s egg blue lacquer at a local salon, I could only get a manicure. Buying a bottle there – or anywhere else – was out of the question, as the shade was sold out everywhere. Well, except for eBay, where a single bottle had a price tag of $75.

After missing out on Nouvelle Vague, I swore I would never again be tardy to a Chanel LE VERNIS party. And I don’t want you to be singing the shoulda woulda coulda’s either. Which is why I beseech you to buy Les Khakis De Chanel, a collection of three nail polishes developed in celebration of Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out.

les+khakis+de+chanel+nail+polish Les Khakis De Chanel Nail Polish

Three limited-editions hues (Khaki Rose, a dusky pink-beige; Khaki Vert, a mossy foam green; and Khaki Brun, a pale stony taupe) are must-haves for any beauty lover’s polish collection…especially if you’re like me and appreciate an edgy, neutral nail. The shades can be worn alone, but I’ve been told they can be particularly edgy when all three are painted in an alternating, camouflage-y pattern.

 Les Khakis De Chanel Nail Polish

 Les Khakis De Chanel Nail Polish

 Les Khakis De Chanel Nail Polish

Considering I’ve got my hands full with a 3 week old baby, I’m gonna stick to a minimal mani and leave the artistry to you nail philes out there.

Les Khakis De Chanel are now available at Chanel boutiques, and select department stores.

Spoiled Pretty Baby!!!!

westley+1 Spoiled Pretty Baby!!!!

On August 16, I gave birth to Westley Faville Baird. He weighed in at 7 lbs 3 oz and measured 19.75 inches. I am so in love with my son, I don’t know what to do with myself. Couldn’t wait to share some of his first pics – so without further ado…

Westley+3 Spoiled Pretty Baby!!!!
Westley+4 Spoiled Pretty Baby!!!!Westley+7 Spoiled Pretty Baby!!!!

Makeup Mondays With Mario: Skin Care Superstars!

mmwmd large Makeup Mondays With Mario: Skin Care Superstars!
Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic is answering your burning beauty questions!!! Every Monday, he will answer a beauty/skin care question as part of a weekly column on Spoiled Pretty, Makeup Mondays with Mario.


This is so exciting being able to ask you a question. I am a regular visitor to your blog and have learned so much about makeup from you. But my question isn’t about makeup. It’s about skincare. I’d love to know what your favorite skincare products (cleanser, moisturizer, scrub, makeup remover and lip balm) are and why.

Thanks and keep up the awesome work,

mmwm Makeup Mondays With Mario: Skin Care Superstars!

Hi Jessica,

I have tons of favorites when it comes to skincare products. For cleansing, I love La Mer The Cleansing Foam; it feels amazing, smells good and spreads nicely. A less expensive and comparable cleanser (and one of my all time faves) is Olay Deep Cleansing Face Wash with Witch Hazel. A great, basic and cheap scrub is St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I try not to exfoliate every day though – it can be too harsh on your skin. Once or twice a week I use DDF’s Glycolic 5% Exfoliating Wash. To remove your makeup, I recommend Josie Maran’s Bear Naked Wipes. I love everything about them and I’m sure you will too. Wipe away makeup and then follow with your normal skincare routine.

When it comes to moisturizing, I tend to use products that are not too thick or oily. I love La Mer The Moisturizing Lotion. It comes in a pump and is more lightweight than the popular creme. Cetaphil is still a favorite of mine also and works well on a lot of skin types. Sara Happ’s The Lip Slip is a very nice lip balm and you should try out her lip exfoliators that come in lots of great flavors. I also love MAC’s Tinted Lip Conditioner w/ SPF 15. I saved the best for last – The Eye Balm by La Mer. It’s a new eye cream and it’s the creme de la creme! I use it like three times a day and I LOVE IT!

Thanks for visiting Makeup Mondays with Mario!


Got a question for Mario? Email your makeup and skin care queries to, and check back next Monday to read Mario’s expert advice!

L’Oreal Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour Giveaway!!!

beyonce+infallible+lipcolor LOreal Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour Giveaway!!!

L’Oréal Paris celebrity spokespeople inspire women everyday to embrace quality, sophistication and, most importantly, to remember that they are worth it. To celebrate these leading ladies and the product that redefined long-wear lipcolor, L’Oréal Paris launches Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour, a new star-studded shade collection of Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour compacts personally selected by Beyoncé, Andie MacDowell, Diane Keaton, Eva Longoria Parker, Kate del Castillo and Linda Evangelista. This diverse group of women represents a range of ages, ethnicities and styles, ensuring all women can find a colour that makes them look and feel infallible.

Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour offers rich, vibrant color, a long-lasting, comfortable finish. The innovative packaging holds two formulas together – the liquid basecoat and the balm topcoat – in a single compact that’s a modern work of art. Though small enough to fit in the tiniest of evening bags, Infallible Lip’s packaging doesn’t compromise on convenience for size. It features a built-in mirror, which makes it possible to apply the lipcolour even on-the-go, a real benefit for transfer-proof lipstick that requires careful application.

6 Celebrity Shades – 16 Hours of Fresh, Comfortable Color
beyonce+infallible+compact LOreal Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour Giveaway!!!

Beyoncé (Beyoncé’s Red)
International performer Beyoncé chose a dazzling Red reflective of her vibrant career as singer, songwriter, producer, visionary stage talent and actress. With this shade, she dares women to embrace self expression.

andie%27s+rose+infallible LOreal Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour Giveaway!!!

Andie MacDowell (Andie’s Rose)
Actress Andie MacDowell embodies the “Because You’re Worth It” spirit with her vivid, feminine Berry lipcolour that brings out the confidence of any woman at every age.

diane+keaton+infallible LOreal Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour Giveaway!!!

Diane Keaton (Diane’s Tuberose)
Acclaimed actress and Hollywood icon Diane Keaton opted for a sophisticated Tuberose shade that brightens her skintone and invites every woman to achieve the luminous, healthy glow she deserves.

eva%27s+caramel+infallible LOreal Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour Giveaway!!!

Eva Longoria Parker (Eva’s Caramel)
Known for her sizzling looks on and off the screen, Eva Longoria Parker chose a rich Caramel that complements her beautiful, coppery skin tone. With this colour, she invites all women to indulge their sultry side.

kate%27s+plum+infallible LOreal Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour Giveaway!!!

Kate del Castillo (Kate’s Plum)
Kate del Castillo, one of Mexico’s most acclaimed actresses and a new addition to the L’Oréal Paris family now starring in the U.S., opted for her first product collaboration to be a sensual Plum to showcase her signature pout – and all others – with instant glamour.

linda+evangelista+infallible LOreal Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour Giveaway!!!

Linda Evangelista (Linda’s Beige)
World renowned supermodel Linda Evangelista knows what’s in vogue – a sophisticated Beige lip. This fashion-forward shade brings instant elegance to any look.

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Stars Never Fail Lipcolour Compact Collection is available at chain drug, food and mass market retailers for $11.99 each. But this week, Spoiled Pretty is partnering with L’Oreal Paris and FIVE lucky winners will receive all six celeb-inspired shades!

Enter to win by leaving a message in the comments section. Make sure to leave your email or another way for me to get in touch, just in case you get lucky!

Contest is open to U.S. residents. The giveaway ends at noon (EST) on Sunday, August 15, 2010. Good luck!

MAC Haute & Naughty Lash

mac+haute+and+naught+lash+mascara MAC Haute & Naughty Lash

As much as I adore MAC Cosmetics (y’all know I do), I’ve always been a little meh about their mascaras. So when the company sent me a sample of their new Haute & Naughty Lash, the package actually sat around for weeks before I tried it.

When I finally got around to reviewing it, I wanted to smack myself upside the head for waiting so long – and for doubting the makeup masterminds at MAC.

Haute &Naughty Lash lets your lashes lead a double life, thanks to a two-in-one dual wiper system. For natural, genetically blessed look, use the wand with the pink end. For doe-eyed, dramatic fringe, use the wand with the pink and disco purple end. The hydrating formula prevents flaking and comes off easily with eye makeup remover.

Peep these photos and see for yourself how Haute & Naughty transformed my lashes from blah to bladow!

spoiled+pretty+naked+lashes MAC Haute & Naughty Lash
Before: nekkid lashes looking a bit bald

spoiled+pretty+mac+haute+and+naughty+photo MAC Haute & Naughty Lash
After: Haute & Naughty lashes

Haute & Naughty Lash is currently available at and In September 2010, it will be sold at all MAC stores and counters. MAC products have a way of selling out, so if I were you, I’d get this mascara while it’s haute!

1 88 89 90 91 92 523